Reclaiming Our Bodies

With Ellen heed

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How Scars Can Interfere with Your Sex Life - and What You Can Do About It.

About Ellen heed

Ellen Heed, CSB, Ph.D., is a somatic educator providing a deep dive into the diversity of human experience, lived in-body. She came by her fascination with whole health and embodiment honestly. Dancing from ages three to thirty, she then dove headlong into the practices of yoga, bodywork, and craniosacral therapy, while teaching anatomy, physiology, and hands-on techniques to students worldwide. As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, she treats scar tissue from genito-pelvic injuries. After teaching live to thousands of aspiring somatic practitioners, she now offers her inclusive course curriculum for online learning. Present projects include her STREAM Training for scar tissue remediation and assessment classes for professionals and body-aware individuals. 



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  1. Aisha Paris

    Wow, what a great discussion and what a phenomenal freebie. I can’t wait to continue my journey with scar tissue remediation following the detailed advice and mind-expanding stories shared in this conversation. Thank you Eva and Ellen!


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