A brief and loving look into trauma response and healing

With Catherine Hale

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About Catherine Hale

Catherine Hale is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide in sex, love and relationships and is an advocate for post traumatic growth at the level of society and culture.


Trained in sexological body work, Trauma resolution coaching, along with Tantric and Shamanic practices she’s worked with 100’s of people guiding them back into health with their bodies, cultivating relationships grounded in trust and compassion and discovering their right to live in connection with all that truly matters.


Living and working in the growing momentum of the ‘trauma resolution movement’ Catherine offers 1:1 sessions, retreats – along with offering trauma informed professional training. She is devoted to the provision of trauma informed care through all sectors of life – inviting in and embracing a regenerative way of living and loving all of life on this planet we call home.



  1. Dori

    This was so beneficial! I cannot get the meditation for some reason, however. Thank you again for this excellent interview! Xo


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