How many ways to sex?

With Ashley Manta

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About Ashley Manta

Ashley Manta is an award-winning sex educator and coach and has become a sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand. She is the author of The CBD Solution: Sex, published in conjunction with Merry Jane and Chronicle Books. She also writes for Playboy as a Playboy Advisor. Ashley appeared on the cover of Sexual Health Magazine in January 2019, along with the designation, "America's High Priestess of Pleasure." She completed her certification as a Bodysex® Facilitator after studying with legendary pleasure pioneer Betty Dodson. She is a brand ambassador for Sybian and Foria.



  1. Irina

    Thank you dear Ashley 🙂 I love hearing that you identify as a witch! I relate to it deeply my self. It felt home to be listening to you both, deepest gratitude~

  2. Mmhickok

    This was so educational. Using products like this did open my whole world about 2 yrs ago. My sex life was great before canibis but went to exceptional after I started using that before sex.


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